Kids Kloset                     

Occasionally students in grade level kindergarten thru 6th grade have accidents and need to be cleaned up by the School Nurse and returned to class ASAP. Often parents are at work and not available to immediately respond with a change of clothing, causing the child to miss out on classroom learning and endure peer ridicule. Florida District Kiwanis Clubs surveyed the need for closets containing elementary school children’s undergarments, socks, shorts, T-shirts, sneakers and belts for both boys and girls.


Kiwanians Bev O’Connell, Bill Rushing and Rebecca Burnett 
(K-Kids advisor for Apollo Elementary School) with donated 
Kids Kloset.


The Kiwanis Club of Titusville has joined with other district Kiwanis Clubs to provide a Kids Kloset for Apollo Elementary School. In a few days after its placement there the school nurse had already used it half a dozen times. It is our goal to provide Kids Klosets to other area elementary schools, as finances permit.