World's Greatest Baby Shower     

The World’s Greatest Baby Shower is an educational forum for expectant Moms. The purpose of the event is to inform and educate expectant and pre-conceptual couples about the services and products available to them in the community. It is the goal that the information provided will enable them to have successful pregnancies and birth outcomes and that positive infant/parent relationships will develop.

The Kiwanis Club of Titusville is part of a coalition of organizations including BETA, Brevard County Health Dept/WIC, The Children’s Center, The Parrish Medical Center, and the University of Florida Brevard County Extension Service, that annually conducts the World’s Greatest Baby Shower. It generally consists of over 40 educational and vendor exhibitors, informational seminars pertaining to pregnancies and child rearing. Thousands of dollars of prizes are distributed to the Moms who attend and our club gives away books to all the kids who come with their Moms.